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Spiritual Services

Spiritual Care Services Offering spiritual care for comfort and encouragement for the administered patient, family, and friends.

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Offering spiritual care for comfort and encouragement for the patient and the family.

Black River Medical Center focuses not only on the patient’s physical well being, but also the spiritual well being for both the patient and their family.

If the patient or family has a specific pastor they would like to be contacted, the staff will attempt to notify the pastor of their choice.  In the event the patient/family does not have a local minister, the staff will be happy to assist in finding one of their affiliation.

What is spiritual care?

We understand that an important part of providing care includes meeting the spiritual and religious needs of our patients and their loved ones. Most chaplains recognize the worth and dignity of each person and offer pastoral care consistent with each individual’s own traditions and beliefs. Chaplains provide spiritual support to patients, their families, and hospital staff. They also serve as a liaison for clergy in the community. Chaplains sustain, support, guide, and help people in their search for meaning in illness and for reconciliation in relationships.

Illness often raises questions such as:

  • Why did this happen to me?
  • Who am I now?
  • Where do I go from here?

These issues can create strong emotions such as anxiety, doubt, guilt, anger, and questioning of long-held beliefs. By offering prayer, comfort, counseling, and spiritual conversation, chaplains can help patients and their families draw upon their own spiritual resources to facilitate healing and recovery.

Request spiritual care:

  • When you want someone to pray with you or for you.
  • When you need to talk.
  • When you need someone to listen.
  • When you feel lonely, separated, forgotten, scared, or worried.
  • When you feel grateful, blessed, prayerful, or heard by God.
  • When you feel like you have lost your faith.
  • When you feel like giving up.
  • When you are unable to forgive.
  • When you are unable to pray.
  • When you have cause to celebrate.

Social Work Services

Social Work Services Connecting you to necessary resources to help strengthen your network of social support.

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Connecting you to necessary resources to help strengthen your network of social support.

The social workers at Black River Medical Center help patients and families cope with the many challenges that can accompany illness, disability, or other life changes.

Our Social Work Department provides:

  • Counseling for patients and families
    • Grief counseling
    • Caregiver support
    • Pregnancy counseling
    • Domestic violence / sexual assault
    • Mental health and behavior problems
  • Crisis intervention
  • Advocacy
  • Support groups
  • Child and adult protective services
  • Help in communicating with doctors, family and friends
  • Easing transition from hospital to home or alternate-care facility
  • Guidance with financial and insurance problems
  • Prescription assistance information
  • Substance abuse treatment referrals
  • Living will/durable power of attorney for health care information
  • Referrals for home health care, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospice
  • Referrals and linkage to community agencies
  • Discharge planning

Our social workers engage in teaching activities and participate in hospital and community initiatives, serving on boards and committees that strengthen services to patients and families. Expert consultation is provided to community professionals in addition to the health care team.

What is a social worker?

Social workers at Black River Medical Center are experienced professionals who have earned proper credentials and are licensed by the state of Missouri. They are knowledgeable and skilled at providing social services to patients and families, helping them increase their ability to problem-solve, deal with relationships, adjust to new situations, obtain needed resources and function at the highest level possible.

To contact a social worker:

Our social workers are available to inpatient divisions and outpatient clinics, providing services to children, adults and families. If you have an issue you would like to discuss, a receptionist, nurse, or other health care professional can direct you to the appropriate social worker. You also may call the Social Work Department directly.

We are here to help.

Dealing with an illness, crisis or other life challenge can be difficult. The Social Work Department is committed to the support of our patients and families so challenges can be met and managed more effectively. We are here to help and encourage you to call us. To contact the Social Work Department, please call (573) 727-9080.


Interpreter Services

Providing medical professionals for foreign language, sign language and other related services.

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Providing medical professionals for foreign language, sign language and related services.

1. Sign Language Interpretation:
a. Hospital personnel contact a Certified (Level 5) Interpreter by calling Stacy Magill Advanced Certified Sign Language Interpreter at 573-321-0752.

2. Foreign Language Interpretation:
a. Hospital personnel can locate a certified medical interpreter by utilizing the services contracted on behalf of the Medical Center with Language Solutions out of Saint Louis Missouri. Contact Information can be obtained by reviewing the attachment to this policy or through contact with the hospital switchboard or Emergency Room registration clerk.

3. Each case is handled on an individualized basis. Billing must be arranged through the BRMC Billing Office.

4. The Nursing Administration office will maintain the Interpretation Guidelines and update the numbers as necessary.

Missouri Commission for the Deaf: Interpreter’s Manual, Jefferson City, MO

To see the complete documentation (including our certifications) you may download the entire PDF here.

Black River Medical Center is dedicated to provide foreign language and sign language interpretation services to help providers establish a direct relationship with their non-English or limited-English proficient patients.  All attempts will be made to provide a Medically Certified Interpreter, however, in emergency situations a family member may provide interpretation only until a certified interpreter can be accessed.  Please talk to the registration clerk when you arrive to facilitate this service.