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Also on Physicians Park Campus

Audiology Associates
(573) 727-5549

Sarah Hickey, AUD
Laura Noble, AUD
Cape Office
(573) 651-4650

Coppertop Foot and Ankle Clinic
(573) 785-4546

Jeffrey Baller, DPM
Clint Vanlandingham, DPM

Missouri Delta Orthopedics
(573) 472-2663

Rudy Rodgriguez, MD
Cary Todd Sanders, MD

Advanced Orthopedic Specialists
(573) 335-8257

Brian Schaefer, MD

Vein Center
(573) 651-1882

J. Thomas Critchlow, MD

Cape Cardiology
(573) 331-3333

Paul Holcomb, MD
William LaFoe, MD
Joseph Dwyer, MD

Kramer Family Vision
(573) 686-3991

Ozark Physical Therapy
and Medical Supply
(573) 778-9348

Physicians Park Pharmacy
(573) 778-9238
(573) 778-9582 (fax)

Sleep Center
(573) 727-9661
(573) 727-9665 (fax)

The Specialty Clinic
(573) 785-9995

Benjamin Soeter, MD
Yuli Soeter, MD
Mowaffaq Said, MD
Brandon Scott, MD

Dermatology Office
(573) 686-4750

Lance Yeoman, DO

Black River Medical Group
(573) 712-2544

David Brotman, MD
Charles Potter, MD (ENT)
(573) 7785-7607


Ozark OB-GYN
(573) 785-0313

Donald Jones III, MD
Camellia Vermillion, FNP
Amber Richardson, PHD
Lynn Kanuja, MA

Missouri Highland Medical Clinic
(573) 785-6536

Richard Hester, MD
Marsha Shively, FNP
Amber Richardson, PhD
Georgia Jones, MD
Robin Harwell, Nutritionist

Physicians Park Primary Care
(573) 727-5500
(573) 727-5599 (fax)

F. Michael Caldwell, MD
Christopher Montgomery, MD
Stephen Nagy, MD
Donald Piland, MD
Matthew Riffle, MD
Gilbert Smith, MD
Sonya Woodsmall-Diciro, FNP-BC
Brandi Myers, FNP-BC
April Piland, FNP-BC
Tina Moe, FNP-BC
Regina Williams, Sleep Counselor

Black River Medical Center