Why are we posting this chargemaster?

Black River Medical Center cares about YOU, the patient!  We want you to be informed as possible when making medical decisions.  We are making our chargemaster available on the internet so you can easily look up the gross charges for what you will be having performed at our facility, and compare to other facilities if needed.  Black River Medical Center strives to offer you exceptional care and excellent service, at a lower cost.

What is this chargemaster showing?

On this file, the first column will be a description of the charge, and the second column will be the amount of the gross charge.  Please keep in mind, the gross charge is not cash that is received by Black River Medical Center. It is what we bill to insurance.  However, this is not what is fully reimbursed to us. Due to different payor contracts, payors will adjust down what is allowable to reimburse to us.  The rest is written off to contractuals or bad debt.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 573-727-9080.