Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

Providing medical professionals for foreign language, sign language and related services.

1. Sign Language Interpretation:
a. Hospital personnel contact a Certified (Level 5) Interpreter by calling Stacy Magill Advanced Certified Sign Language Interpreter at #573-321-0752.

2. Foreign Language Interpretation:
a. Hospital personnel can locate a certified medical interpreter by utilizing the services contracted on behalf of the Medical Center with Language Solutions out of Saint Louis Missouri. Contact Information can be obtained by reviewing the attachment to this policy or through contact with the hospital switchboard or Emergency Room registration clerk.

3. Each case is handled on an individualized basis. Billing must be arranged through the BRMC Billing Office.

4. The Nursing Administration office will maintain the Interpretation Guidelines and update the numbers as necessary.

Missouri Commission for the Deaf: Interpreter’s Manual, Jefferson City, MO

To see the complete documentation (including our certifications) you may download the entire PDF here.

Black River Medical Center is dedicated to provide foreign language and sign language interpretation services to help providers establish a direct relationship with their non-English or limited-English proficient patients.  All attempts will be made to provide a Medically Certified Interpreter, however, in emergency situations a family member may provide interpretation only until a certified interpreter can be accessed.  Please talk to the registration clerk when you arrive to facilitate this service.