Black River Medical Center

We offer you exceptional care and excellent service, at a lower cost. Our commitment to this goal is guided by integrity, service, excellence, collaboration, and leadership.
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    Black River Medical Center is an all encompassing facility that not only provides Emergency Services and Diagnostic Imaging Services, but also treats short-stay illnesses, such as dehydration, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, simple pneumonia, diabetes, hypertension and much more.

    Black River Medical Center’s Emergency Department will treat those that need immediate medical attention. The scope of the emergency services are similar to larger emergency rooms,  we are fully capable of handling emergencies. If a patient comes to our Emergency Department and it is determined that their condition is beyond the scope of care of Black River Medical Center, we will stabilize them, then transfer to a higher-level-of-care facility.

    Black River Medical Center offers all the necessary medical services to meet the needs of the physicians and patients we serve, including respiratory therapy, a lab, X-ray, a pharmacy, a nutrition center and physical therapy.


    Visiting Hours

    Family members and friends are welcome to visit. General hospital visiting hours are 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily. An adult must accompany all children who visit the hospital. Please check with the patient’s nurse before bringing children into the patient’s room.

    You can call 573-686-6001 if you have any questions about visiting a patient.


    Tobacco Free Campus

    Black River Medical Center and the entire Physicians Park campus is tobacco free. Whether you are a patient or visiting a patient, we ask that you refrain from smoking anywhere on our campus.

    The Black River Medical Center is a Community Hospital. BRMC is a taxable not-for-profit hospital, which means we are nonprofit but we pay taxes like a for-profit hospital. Our charges and costs are similar to community non-profit hospitals in other areas of Missouri. Simply stated, Black River Medical Center is a very affordable option for inpatient care.

    Building the Black River Medical Center also carries with it many economic benefits for the community we serve. Each new hospital employee position results in a total of 2.13 jobs in the community, because employees use their wages to purchase goods and services, which creates income and jobs for other area businesses.

    Every $1,000 spent by our hospital on goods and services equates to an increase of $2,308 in local economic spending.