Emergency Department

IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY CALL 911 Black River Medical Center also has an Emergency Department that will treat those that need immediate medical attention. The scope of the emergency services are similar to larger emergency rooms,  we are fully capable of handling emergencies. If a patient comes to our Emergency Department and it is determined that their condition is beyond the scope of care of Black River Medical Center, we will stabilize them, then transfer to a higher-level-of-care facility.The Black River Medical Center’s Emergency Department is fully-staffed and open 24 hours every day. We serve men, women, children and infants with emergency needs.

Our Emergency Department features:

3 emergency examination rooms
1 observation rooms
3 Inpatient rooms

Visit Black River Medical Center’s Emergency Department for:

Broken bones                                              Lacerations               Respiratory problems
Musculoskeletal injuries                            Chest pain                 Dizziness
Stomach pain                                               Back pain                  Sore throat
Dehydration                                                 Ear ache                    Allergic reactions
Simple Pneumonia                                       Fevers                       Shortness of breath
Head pain                                                      Nausea                       Vomiting

There are many illnesses and symptoms that require a visit to our Emergency Room. Those listed above are just a few. If you truly feel you are in need of care do not hesitate to visit the ER 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


  • Chest pain
  • Acute respiratory distress
  • Stroke – A stroke usually happens suddenly but may occur over hours.

Symptoms of a stroke include:

Sudden numbness, tingling, weakness or loss of movement in your face, arm or leg, especially on only one side of your body. Sudden vision changes. Sudden trouble speaking. Sudden confusion or trouble understanding simple statements. Sudden problems with walking or balance. A sudden, severe headache that is different from past headaches.


The number for poison control is 1-800-222-1222. More than three-fourths of poison exposure calls that poison centers take can be treated at home. They are staffed by nurses, pharmacists, toxicologists and other specialists in poisons and toxins who are nationally certified as specialists in poison information.

Poison centers are confidential, free, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and can communicate with callers in more than 150 languages. If you are unable to get the help you need from the poison center, come to the Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital emergency department.

For questions regarding our emergency department, please contact:

Chris Pinderski, MD
Board Certified in Emergency Medicine
Director of Emergency Department
Black River Medical Center