Black River Medical Center

217 Physicians Park Drive

Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

(573) 727-9080

(573) 712-2214 fax

The Medical Park is accessible from the intersection of PP Highway and Highway 67 bypass.

At Black River Medical Center, we are focused on you. Many of our physicians, nurses, technicians and staff were raised in Poplar Bluff and the surrounding area. They are trusted friends and neighbors who have chosen to stay in Poplar Bluff because it is home. We want you to be happy with your experience, whether it is an office visit, an outpatient procedure at The Surgery Center, or a diagnostic test at the Imaging Center. Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare in Poplar Bluff while keeping it affordable and accessible to all consumers.

Directions and Maps

For more detailed location instructions, visit our directions and maps page.

Directions and Maps

Also on Physician Park Campus


Audiology Associates
(573) 727-5549

Sarah Hickey, AUD
Laura Noble, AUD
Cape Office
(573) 651-4650

Coppertop Foot and Ankle Clinic
(573) 785-4546

Jeffrey Baller, DPM
Clint Vanlandingham, DPM

Missouri Delta Orthopedics
(573) 472-2663

Rudy Rodgriguez, MD
Cary Todd Sanders, MD

Advanced Orthopedic Specialists
(573) 335-8257

Brian Schaefer, MD

Vein Center
(573) 651-1882

J. Thomas Critchlow, MD

Cape Cardiology
(573) 331-3333

Paul Holcomb, MD
William LaFoe, MD
Joseph Dwyer, MD

Kramer Family Vision
(573) 686-3991

Ozark Physical Therapy
and Medical Supply
(573) 778-9348

Physicians Park Pharmacy
(573) 778-9238
(573) 778-9582 (fax)

Sleep Center
(573) 727-9661
(573) 727-9665 (fax)

The Specialty Clinic
(573) 785-9995

Benjamin Soeter, MD
Yuli Soeter, MD
Mowaffaq Said, MD
Brandon Scott, MD

Dermatology Office
(573) 686-4750

Lance Yeoman, DO
Phillip Rettenmaier, DO
Phyllis Hansen, FNP-BC
Joyce Barklow, FNP-BC
Debra Russell, FNP-BC

Black River Medical Group
(573) 712-2544

David Brotman, MD
Charles Potter, MD (ENT)
(573) 7785-7607


Ozark OB-GYN
(573) 785-0313

Donald Jones III, MD
Camellia Vermillion, FNP
Amber Richardson, PHD
Lynn Kanuja, MA

Missouri Highland Medical Clinic
(573) 785-6536

Richard Hester, MD
Marsha Shively, FNP
Damon Davis, CNS
Georgia Jones, MD
Robin Harwell, Nutritionist


Physicians Park Primary Care
(573) 727-5500
(573) 727-5599 (fax)

F. Michael Caldwell, MD
Christopher Montgomery, MD
Stephen Nagy, MD
Donald Piland, MD
Matthew Riffle, MD
Gilbert Smith, MD
Sonya Woodsmall-Diciro, FNP-BC
Brandi Myers, FNP-BC
April Piland, FNP-BC
Tina Moe, FNP-BC
Regina Williams, Sleep Counselor